10 Fuel Saving Tips for Car Rental Drivers

Saving fuel will save your money and our environment

One of the easiest ways to save money when it comes to driving is to save on fuel. Here are the top 10 ways to make your fuel bill a bit lighter.

1) Avoid High Speeds

As your speed increases, so does your aerodynamic drag (and your aerodynamic drag will do so in an exponential fashion). For example, if you drive 62 mph as opposed to 75 mph, you will have reduced your fuel consumption by 15%. Basically, for every five miles you drive above 55 mph, you lose 10% fuel efficiency, so it pays to keep the speed down.

2) Don’t Accelerate Too Much or Brake Hard

Anticipating traffic can result on fuel savings, time savings, New York’s environment saving, accident and speed ticket prevention and more. Use of New York minute wisely, maintain steady speed increments and apply slow and steady braking. This could increase your fuel economy by as much as 30%.

3) Use A/C Economically

When the A/C is on, it puts more load on the engine, which forces more fuel to be used (to the tune of 20% more). Fun fact: using the defroster in most vehicles also utilizes the air conditioner. Avoiding the air conditioner or defroster can result in fuel savings for both the summer and winter.

4) Use Cruise Control Save More

A quick and easy way to save gas is to maintain a constant speed during long distances. If you’re driving on a highway or for long periods of time and it’s safe to do so, turn on the cruise control option. In the city, lights are timed for efficient traffic flow. Maintaining a constant speed allows you to hit more green lights in a row. You can save up to 10% in fuel just by keeping a steady speed or using cruise control.

5) Avoid Heavy Loads for a lighter Car Rental Bill

Even though you may be travelling, avoid going too heavy on the cargo. The lighter your car is, the less power it needs to achieve the speed you want.

6) Stay Out of Rush Hour

If you think you may be stopping for one minute or more, shut off the car. Restarting your vehicle uses less fuel compare to letting it idle for longer than a minute. By not letting your car idle when stopped, you can save up to 19% fuel efficiency.

7) Select One of the Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Examine the vehicle’s rated fuel efficiency. Typically a small vehicle with a manual transmission provides the greatest fuel economy. To find out the specs on all of our vehicles (as well as their rates), visit the Fleet section of our website.

8) There’s an App for New York Gas Discounts

If you have an iPhone, install a fuel saving application like MyMPG, which will let you know when you’re wasting gas.

If you have a smartphone, install an app like GasBuddy, which searches the price of gas nearby so you can go to the cheapest station.

9) Pool Ain’t Just for Summer

If you drive alone, you are giving the gasoline industry exactly what they want. Repay them for their excessive prices by carpooling or travelling in groups.

10) Try Different GPS Ride Options

By planning your route in advance, you can not only find the shortest, easiest route, but you can also enhance your mileage (mainly because you avoid getting lost). Also, mapping your trip allows you to avoid heavy traffic (and thus avoid idling).