Luxury Wedding Limousines – A Touch Of Elegance

If you’re not a celebrity and wondering what it is like to be one, in New York City where the unthinkable happens all the time without thinking about it, it’s never too late to get married and have a wedding. It’s hard to tell if those that last are the ones with a limousine or without, but we’re here to tell you what we can do for your wedding and after a quick introduction we’ll jump at how we can help.

Anyone planning a wedding puts in special efforts to make the wedding day a joyful and memorable event. In one way or another the entire family gets involved planning the wedding months in advance, giving particular attention to each little detail.

This special celebration that calls for beauty, perfection and luxury all around, gives us the opportunity to creatively help and become part of your festivity and celebration on this joyful day.

Knowing that there is no room for mistakes, treats with grace and dignity every involvement on the event.

Limousines of course have a different feel from ordinary cars. They have an aura all of their own. They are symbols of excellence, a glorious tradition of elegance and a style to impress.

We’re enthusiastic when it comes to suggesting a limo for wedding and help you in finalize a package deal that works best for you, knowing that we’re just a fraction of the expense on your table.

When you choose one of our suggested rental limos, we try to get you in touch with the chauffeur who will be present on the wedding day so you can discuss your concerns.

There is a range of wedding limousines to choose from. If you plan a contemporary wedding, you would probably like to have the latest limousine to match the theme of your wedding. Our suggestions include the latest model limousines: stretch Lincoln, Stretch Hummer and Mercedes that can accommodate the bride and groom and/or the close family and friends traveling with the couple.

If your wedding is of a classic traditional theme, we will be happy to introduce a classic or vintage limo like the Rolls Royce or a rental Bentley to add a touch of royal elegance.

Some couples prefer to book a limo for themselves and a luxury car for the other members of the wedding party. Some prefer to have a limousine for the couple and another one to accommodate their family and close friends. Simply watching a couple of limousines in motion is a grand spectacle. Even when parked outside the wedding venue, the limousines transform the event and put everyone involved in a VIP mindset.

The wedding day can be very hectic for the couple, meeting guests, going to places to take pictures, visit and waiting in line at City Hall for the marriage certificate, the afternoon lunch, back home and again to the reception in the evening. The only time the couple and those following them can relax is when they are traveling. We understand the special circumstances of this day and try to makes sure the chauffeurs are trained to be solicitous of the comfort of the couple and the others traveling. They are cued in and anticipate your needs. They will wait patiently, however late it might get at the evening reception (if waiting is agreed when booking).

Make your wedding presence a memorable one. Describe all your needs on the quote request about the vehicle you would like to rent (Sedan, Limousine, stretch limo, party bus, or Charter bus, etc.). Describe your requirements about décor, alcohol, wheelchair accessibility, child seats, your anticipated stops wherever you’re traveling in the greater New York and New Jersey area. Give us room for creativity and suggestions, help us help you and give us your feedback on your experience using one of our suggested options.